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Welcome to the Diamante Portuguese Water Dog website.  We’re glad you are here!!  We will tell you about the furry, loving and mischievous Portuguese Water Dog (also known as PWD or Portie) and about our dogs – Dazzle, Derby, Martini, Splash, Nova & Bisbee.

PWDs are multi–talented.  They can retrieve, (Dazzle will play ball as long as we will!) track, participate in agility, excel in obedience and most of all – they love to swim.   While they each have their own unique personalities, they have several things in common.  They are enthusiastic workers, well muscled, extremely smart and loyal.  They are known as the “clown of the dog breeds” and live up to that title. 

Porties require (or should we say demand?) plenty of human companionship.  They are a great family dog, and get along well with adults and older children.  (Their well meant playfulness can be too much for children below 10 years old.)  They need plenty of exercise, and a lack of it will cause them to “find other things to do”. 

From counter surfing (paws on counter – nose looking for food) to jumping high in the air, our dogs keep us entertained.  Dazzle loves to lie on her back and get tummy rubs.  Sparkle provides everyone with “kisses” and Derby enjoys taking the toys that either of the girls has – dropping his because theirs must be better! 

Our PWDs are wonderful friends; they keep us amused and provide us with unconditional love.  They are our furry family members, and constantly supply us with “Love, Laughter and Licks”.


Following are some pictures of our PWD family. If you click on a picture, you can see an enlarged photogaph in a slideshow format.
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